Whether you are already managing a successful podcast or haven’t ever done more than got on your soapbox in the staff room, the Teacher Hug radio team invite you to join us.
We support our presenters with ideas, technical know how and moral support. We welcome all ideas and think every positive conversation deserves a positive platform. We are proud of our community of listeners and are honored to connect them to leaders, innovators, experts and pioneers in education.

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We are proud to offer our advertising partners effective, affordable and engaging advertising solutions. Our partners currently create good return on investment by engaging with our audience and connecting to our community. Opportunities are available from £80 a week with our marketing manager on hand to ensure you are able to optimise the outcomes of your campaign.


Teacher Hug Radio does not represent any of our presenters as individuals and can not comment on their behalf. However, we are always happy to share news and stories from behind the scenes at Teacher Hug Radio or offer collective commentary on the issues affecting teachers and teaching at the moment.
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