Dave Mcgrath

What’s Dave’s show?

School Leadership Surgery

What’s it about?

It’s about leadership in education and all the forms that may take. We want current leaders and those looking to enter leadership to send us questions& scenarios that can be unpicked and debated with a host of guests.

When can you hear it?

Sundays, live, 6pm

How can you get involved?

Leave a message on 0800 246 1555 for Louisa or visit the contact page.


David has been a Deputy Head for 4 years and is currently in Frome Somerset. He strongly believes in the scholarship approach to learning;  We can all love a discipline even if we do not attain highly in it; we can adore the intricacies of an impressionist painting but know that we don’t have to replicate it to continue this enjoyment. David has written for the TES and continues to strive musically to learn as many instruments badly as possible!