Graham Chatterley

Graham Chatterley

Graham’s Show – That Behaviour Show

What’s the show about?

Join Graham and Jess for a deep and meaningful discussion of all things behaviour. With questions from listeners, guest interviews and more we will chat like we were in the staffroom about all those issues with no simple answer. Send in your questions or volunteer to come and speak with us on air – help us cover the things that interest you.

When can you hear it?

7pm Sundays

How can you get involved?

Leave a message on 0800 246 1555 for Graham or visit the contact page.


Graham Chatterley is a former SEMH school leader who recently started his own training company. Having experienced a huge range of behaviour as both a Primary and Secondary teacher, Graham then settled in EBD in 2007, watching it go on to become an excellent SEMH provision. Graham left his leadership role to train and consult full time and authored his first book ‘Building Positive Behaviour’ last year.

Graham has led training for thousands of Educators across the North of England. Being part of leading and training the regional outreach team gave the opportunity to support mainstream schools with their most challenging pupils, many of whom were at risk of exclusion. This gave great insight into how successful practice in a specialist setting could be transferred to a large mainstream setting and this is advocated for in all of his training.

Graham favours ethos and culture over quick fix strategies and believes the adults play a pivotal role in the behaviour of the students. Teaching behaviour to children rather than managing it, often means going against natural instincts and impulses we have as adults. By increasing our own understanding and empathy through training teachers about how the child’s experiences have impacted their feelings and how that is what has driven the behaviours, it will hopefully change how those behaviours are perceived. Not only does this benefit the child in every way, especially learning, but it has an enormous impact on staff wellbeing.

Graham is the Director of Changing Perceptions Limited, where the training and support to schools is designed to do just that.