My about me is really all about you. Statistically someone with a story of poverty, foster care and life on the streets doesn’t often find themselveswith their dream job as a teacher, a career as an international keynote speaker and a family who are actuallyfun to be on lock down with. I did – and that’s because of everyday heroes like you. The adults in school, particularly the five everyday heroes I mention in my TEDX Talk http://bit.ly/JazTED metme where I was and gave me what we all need the most – an authentic and consistent human connection.These five teachers refused to give up on me and helped me to shift my mindset to a life changing degree. As a teacher, passionate about reading, writing and spelling I set up my own consultancy business and afterthe birth of my first child and went onto to advice governments, leaders and teachers around the world. By the time my second child came along, I’d been invited by the DFE to work alongside Sir Jim Rose (theOprah of phonics). I continued to speak, train and advise on literacy when my third child arrived and I decidedto sit down for a bit! I started writing contributing to The TES and other educational periodicals and also co-authored a series of three research papers with two professors, Greg Brooks and Roger Beard. Along the way, I’ve been a TV presenter, a stand up comedian, and a motivational keynote speaker ateducation conferences. Lockdown saw me pivot and reframe to delivering interactive digital keynotes onhuman-first leadership, resilience, bias, wellbeing and communication to a mixture of education and corporateorganisations such as Gucci, Google and Gloucestershire Constabulary. None of this incredible journey would have been possible without the difference teachers made in my life.Dealing with imposter syndrome and self doubt has taken a mammoth effort and I’ve had to continuallyembed the ambitious resilience I talk about in my digital interactive keynotes today. My goal is to amplify the voice of the most important people on the planet – educators! “Jaz has a way of making your feel you can do the impossible.” “Jaz’s humour and disarming ability to persuade audiences to let their guard down inspires transformation.” “My mum is good at stuff. So is my dad. Mum is probably better at things like hot chocolate though.” Strap yourself in for a show that’s all about you! Join me on Sundays at 10am as I zoom in on the differenceyou make, celebrate the impact you have and help you kick imposter syndrome to the kerb once and for all!gslike hot chocolate though.”