Louisa Jane Smith

Louisa’s Shows – The RE Podcast, Teacher Hug News & Continuity

What is it about?

The RE Podcast is the first dedicated podcast for RE teachers and students and is listened to  across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australasia. It covers topics related to Religion, Ethics and Philosophy with some excellent guests. Teacher Hug News is the first dedicated radio education news program.

When is it on?

2.30pm Sundays, 12pm Saturdays and Sundays

How can you get involved?

Leave a message on 0800 246 1555 for Louisa or visit the contact page.

Louisa was born in Brighton in 1970-something and currently teaches RE in Surrey.  She was raised a Catholic and later joined the Protestant Church, but now does not follow any religion and remains agnostic about the existence of God.
She went to Birmingham University to study theology from 1996-1999 and became an RE teacher upon graduation. Within her twenty-years’ teaching experience she has taught philosophy, ethics, and religion in both state and private schools. 
The reality of modern teaching is that often an educator’s time is spent in meetings, dealing with paperwork, reports and answering a never-ending stream of emails. She started a podcast in October 2020 to give her the opportunity to do what she loves best; talk about real, modern issues with no assessments, no homework, and no marking!
When she is not working, looking after her two children or doing the podcast, she can be found doing yoga or geeking out on movies.
To connect with Louisa –
Twitter – @therepodcast1
Instagram – @therepodcast
Website – https://www.therepodcast.co.uk