Tanya Rogers

Tanya Roberts

Tanya’s Show – Teaching Q & A

What’s the show about?

Topical interactive phone-in show where we will discuss teaching and learning research, pedagogy, and practice.

Join Gary, Avril, and Tanya for some Sunday night Northern Natter!

When can you hear it?

7pm Sundays

How can you get involved?

Phone in on 0800 246 1555 during the show. If the phone’s engaged, keep trying! If you can’t get through, tweet @TeacherHugRadio instead.


Tanya is an experienced History Teacher in Cheshire who is passionate about supporting teachers in the early stages of their career. She runs weekly support sessions for NQTs and Trainees on Twitter (#NQTSupportSunday) and is also the co- creator of History Teachers UK Share Space on Facebook. Tanya regularly writes historical blogs for Versus History and is creator of several educational history videos via her YouTube channel ‘The Price Academy.’

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